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Our market-leading and extensive range of products, services and solutions can ensure that your organization’s IT systems are the best that they can be - we take the strain so that you can get on with what actually matters: improving your business.

  • Our Vision/Mission

    From major hotel brands and independent properties to student housing, hospitals and retirement homes, Qonxept Communications Inc.’s mission is to provide all business types with the services and technology they need to meet the latest online, industry-specific needs. Our experienced technicians live and breathe on commercial connectivity, and are backed by the most recent advances in online technology to guarantee an always fast and reliable, yet affordable network experience.

  • Our Expertise

    We are committed to innovating to meet the changing needs of Canadian organizations, to putting customer service first in everything that we do. Reflected in our world-class service, we continue to invest in our people, innovation and automation, industry alignment and deepening technical and security expertise to better service our clients across the full technology stack required to deliver their desired business outcomes.

  • Our Guarantee

    Our market-leading and extensive range of products, services and solutions can ensure that your organization’s IT systems are the best that they can be - we take the strain so that you can get on with what actually matters: improving your business.

Why choose us?

  • Complete, end-to-end partner.  Positioned to design, manage and optimize your complete IT environment.
  • Flexible & customer-focused.  Tailoring our services to you and your organization’s individual needs.
  • Security is central.  It has and will always be a top priority for us; you're in no safer hands than with Qonxept Communications Inc.
  • Scalability.  Our IT Services are infinitely scalable so that, no matter the size of your organization, we can support you.
  • Familiarity.  We get to know all of our customers, providing them with the fastest and most-effective response.
  • Expertise.  We have experience across the entire IT and communications environment, working with a wide range of organizations to provide specialized and strategic support.


Check our Solutions

From end-point devices to applications and infrastructure, we leverage our deep industry connections and know-how to source and procure the hardware, software or services that are right for your business.

Computer Network Support & Services

  • Computer desktop and laptop installations. Software imaging.
  • Application support for manufacturers such as Microsoft, Symantec & others-Hardware support for manufacturers such as Dell, HP, IBM & others. Supply & inventory management for all hardware and software. Moves, additions, or changes of hardware and software
  • Client Disaster Recovery Planning

  • DR lan consulting & testing-application
  • Database & full server fail-over-virtual servers can be uploaded, activated, updated 24 hours a day
  • Mirrored system of customer production servers-Replication of client data to Qonxept backup storage
  • Network Architecture & Design

  • Design site surveys and defining of optimum routes
  • Defining infrastructure and requirements (fibre optic, cat5, cat5e, cat6, wireless, high speed backbone systems, hubs, cabinet layouts, switches/routers, resilience etc..)
  • Data requirements (server design, storage capacity, back-up systems, resilience, data flow)
  • Network Security

  • Firewalls & VPNs, encryption, authentication software & biometrics
  • Intrusion detection-security reviews
  • Security policy creation
  • Risk assessment
  • Post incident discovery
  • Network security
  • Moving & Re-Organizing

  • Evaluate physical space network wiring and power needs
  • Network wiring installations
  • Prepare computer equipment for moving
  • Assemble computers at new location
  • Backup critical files
  • Reassembling of network equipment
  • Project management of service vendors
  • Managed IT Support

  • Network & performance monitoring 24/7
  • After-hours support
  • Patch management and server configuration management
  • Self-service website to request help, track issues and find answers
  • Application support/development, SQL development and support, fast turnaround on updates and enhancements
  • Messaging

  • Email system architecture and design, email server set-up and technical support
  • Mobile messaging implementation
  • Email virus protection
  • Email filtering and anti-spam solutions
  • Email storage and archiving
  • Voice & Data Cabling

  • Wireless network access
  • Site to site wireless back haul
  • Last mile access solutions
  • Public access broadband solutions
  • Secure wireless solutions and audits, point-to-multipoint solutions
  • Intelligent Video Surveillance

  • Migrate from analog CCTV to intelligent IP video surveillance with single software
  • Integrate analog and IP cameras
  • Scalable IP video management
  • Open platform for system integration
  • Alarm management and Video analytics
  • Wireless

  • Wireless network access-site to site wireless back haul, last mile access solutions
  • Public access broadband solutions
  • Secure wireless solutions & audits, point-to-multipoint solutions
  • Client Support Desk

  • 24/7 support available to all Qonxept Communications Inc. clients
  • Web & Email

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    Check our Proactive Maintenance Services

    Better than having an internal IT department

    Qonxept Communications Inc. offers immediate IT resources for your business whenever you encounter a problem. Our fixed-fee approach allows you to have the freedom to focus on your business and leave the maintaining of your desktops, networks and servers to us. Our excellent support staff has the expertise to become your trusted technical advisor and a partner in your business.


    We are contently working in the background to ensure that your business never stops running. Our job is to fix your computer and network issues before you even realize you had them.

    Superior Support

    Our goal is to provide superior support to your in-house IT department. We have the ability to resolve most issues remotely, if not, a technician will be dispatched immediately.



    We ensure that all your network and data is secure by utilizing the most advanced monitoring and remediation toolset and secure from hackers, viruses and other threats.


    Trusted Advisor

    As your trusted IT professional, we have your company's best interest in mind and will provide you with the best suited software for your needs at competitive quotes.



    Check our Hospitality Industry Solutions

    Hospitality Wi-Fi Network Solutions & 24/7 Live Guest Support

    Uninterrupted access to Wi-Fi is a basic standard for resorts, hotels and motels. Here at Qonxept Communications Inc. we have been providing high-quality hotel Wi-Fi solutions since 2012 and we guarantee your guests’ needs are met and businesses are ahead in the game when it comes to the competition.

    24/7 Live Guest Support

    Our highly qualified team is available 24/7 to provide live guest support when and if needed. We have partnered with a number of resorts, hotels, motels and guesthouses tailoring effective, unique and powerful hospitality Wi-Fi solutions adapting to each of their unique needs.

    Overdue for an update?

    Hotel wireless solutions have evolved rapidly in the last decade. What was acceptable even two years ago fails to be relevant now. For guests on a business trip, a strong signal isn’t a bonus, it’s essential, and one that you absolutely must accommodate to maintain guest satisfaction.


    Rising to the challenge of providing seamless connectivity to each guest, Qonxept Communications Inc. has delivered leading hotel wireless solutions to a number of recognized brands in the hospitality industry including a number of independent boutique establishments.

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    Wifi Surverying

    Check our Wi-Fi Survey Services

    Planning and designing a wireless network for your business

    Great Wi-Fi = Great design

    The demand for Wi-Fi in any environment is huge, and network designs need to be able to handle the traffic. We provide a professionally designed heat map of your property ensuring no spot is left without a reliable network connection. A huge factor to a successful Wi-Fi solution is the WLAN design.

    Netscout AirMagnet® Survey PRO

    Enables network professionals to design, deploy, and validate Wi-Fi 6 networks for optimal performance, security, and compliance. It also calculates the ideal quantity, placement, and configuration of APs for a successful wireless LAN deployment.

    Ekahau Software

    Creates an accurate 3D plan built to your unique requirements for wall materials, floor materials, antenna direction, and much more. Precise Wi-Fi diagnostics paired with mobile-optimized apps deliver significantly faster site surveys, faster spectrum analysis, and more accurate and reliable data.


    – Terrible signal coverage in most of the rooms
    – Channel overlap on the 2.4ghz frequency band
    – Lost data rates
    – Old equipment not capable of 5ghz


    – Putting APs in guestrooms increase connectivity
    – Upgrading to dual-band increases data rates by adding 5ghz
    – Using 5ghz allows for more channels to be used, less overlap
    – Saves money on APs by placing them correctly, not just adding more


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